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By Nick Leghorn


Dan posted an article yesterday about FN’s Military Collector series and the comments weren’t exactly positive. The internet was all a-flutter when FN announced that their M249 would be available in a semi-auto version for civilian purchase, but the $8,000 price tag seems to have proven too much for some people to handle. Here’s the thing: FN already has a line of FN-15 rifles marketed toward the general consumer. They’re priced competitively with other similar guns. The Collector Series is for a different buyer. It’s a smart move on FN’s part. Here’s why . . .

A few days ago a reporter from The Trace called me to ask a couple of questions about bumpfire stocks. They saw that I’d reviewed one. Rather than soil their hands by actually touching such a firearm they apparently figured it would be more expedient to get my opinion. I cooperated (as part of a long-term scheme to turn them away from the dark side of the force) and told them exactly what I wrote in the review: it’s a gimmick. Things like the SlideFire and Bumpfire stocks are only truly useful as range toys, and even then they’re only fun for …Read the Rest

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