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The Gini Coefficient is the single greatest known predictor of violent crime. Understanding the Gini Coefficient can help us understand murder rates better than analyzing gun ownership rates, gun laws, or any other commonly debated variable.


If you are a gun owner and you occasionally peruse social media, you have no doubt encountered the dreaded “gun debate”. That is, when someone attempts to diagnose why evil people do evil things, and it ultimately comes down to a claim that the gun itself is responsible, or that a law change could have avoided a recent tragedy. When the gun debate occurs on social media something truly magical happens. All participants immediately become lawyers, philosophers, psychologists, economists and historians. This phenomenon is illustrated well below.

Of course, debate is a good thing. It helps us formulate our own belief systems and test our beliefs in the marketplace of ideas. Informed debate is better than uninformed debate, however, and it is with that end in mind that all gun owners should be familiar with the Gini Coefficient.

Simply put, the Gini Coefficient provides the single greatest explanation for why murder occurs. It is not the only factor to consider, but it is by far the largest …Read the Rest

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