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By Ammoland

Masked Antifa Goons

Opinion by James Kaleda
EDITORS NOTE: this article should in no way be construed to be supporting Antifa.

Masked Antifa Goof Balls

USA – -( Every American, especially gun owning patriotic Americans should oppose H.R.6054 – Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018. HR 6054 is the proposed law that would penalize Antifa for wearing masks …. well for committing crimes while wearing a mask, but just for wearing masks.

Now I’ve seen a lot of gun owners come out in support of this law and I just wanted to offer a thousand words of caution.

I think a lot of people see a proposed law like this and say, “Yep, anything we can do to stop these Antifa guys. That’s, good. We got to do it. It’s a good idea. Fifteen years in prison for wearing a mask. Sounds like a great idea.”

There’s a couple of points I’d like to throw out there before we all jump on the give the government more power bandwagon.

The Sons of Liberty

The first is I want to remind everyone that this country was started by patriots wearing masks and throwing tea into the harbor. While the ideology, of the “Sons of Liberty” was entirely …Read the Rest

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