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By CN Staff

Why Don't You Carry A Backup Gun?

By John Boch via TTAG

Millions of Americans conceal carry a gun every day. And that number keeps growing. Unfortunately, fewer people carry a spare backup gun. Innovations in smaller, lighter guns firing potent cartridges, along with my training, have sold me on the idea of a backup gun. And should cause you to consider one as well.

I remember back in about 1995 when GLOCK came out with the 10-round “baby” GLOCK, the G26 in 9mm. For the time, many people raved over its then-diminutive size. I even knew a few cops who carried one as a backup piece. However, a GLOCK 26 still weighs 26+ ounces loaded. And it has about as much deep concealability as a brick.

By comparison, a Ruger LCP II weighs less than half that with a much smaller profile. Loaded with .380 Precision One XTP rounds, it delivers consistent penetration at the FBI recommended 12″. Ruger also dumped that interminably long trigger pull in the original LCP. Now, the LCP II comes with a stock trigger that’s as good or better than a factory GLOCK trigger.

RF certainly liked it. He wrote that only …Read the Rest

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