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By David LaPell

Resistance Anti Gun Laws Protest


Why Don’t Gun Owners Just Move From Where They Lose Their Rights?

New York, USA – -( With the start of the new year less than a month away, many things will change as new members of state and the federal government are sworn in, and in some places, power changes hands.

In Washington the Democrats succeeded in taking back the House, meaning that we will now likely see a move towards never ending impeachment proceedings and investigations. In various states though, governors have been elected from opposite parties and here in New York, while the GOP failed to get out the vote to oust Andrew Cuomo, possibly worse than that is that the state senate, which has been held narrowly by a Republican majority, fell to the Democrats. Giving Cuomo complete and total control over the state electorate.

Right on cue one of the first priorities is new gun control legislation, as Cuomo has promised to make in his own words, New York state a model for “progressive” values to the rest of the nation.

Of course, this means more gun laws to come and with no one to stop him and his party, one can imagine that the GOP will …Read the Rest

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