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By Bob Owens


Hillary Clinton and her allies have convinced one another that attacking the natural right to bear arms for self-defense is a winning strategy in November’s Presidential elections, even as they recognize that they have to lie about what they’re proposing to make gun control palatable even among each other.

Common sense is one of the terms that gun-control lobbyists advise their clients and allies to use when framing their arguments about the fraught subject of guns, lest opponents weaponize their words.

Pollster Anna Greenberg, who works with the gun-control group Americans for Responsible Solutions, tells supporters to talk about “the gun lobby,” but not the National Rifle Association, which in many voters’ minds is about hunting and sport. Talk about closing loopholes, not about stricter gun laws. Talk about background checks, not a national gun registry. And never promise that anything is a fix-all or use the loaded phrase “gun control.”

“By using the right arguments and language to bring more Americans into our movement, galvanize our allies and fight back against the gun lobby, we can win this fight,” according to a strategy memo circulated to allies in Philadelphia this week.

This style of messaging played out in events around Philadelphia …Read the Rest

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