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By Ammoland

David Limbaugh

By David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh

USA – -( Query: If President Obama’s nuke deal with Iran is so wonderful, why do the major parties in Israel oppose it? Why was Obama so excited about making a deal that, based on his previous positions, he would have opposed earlier?

This agreement is baffling on multiple grounds, even for Obama.

What is the urgency for the United States to enter into such a lopsided deal with a rogue nation that doesn’t have a fraction of our negotiating leverage? Why can’t Obama deal with Iran’s leaders the way he deals with Republicans? Is he trying to validate conspiracy theorists convinced that he’s the Manchurian candidate?

Have you ever noticed that there is an inverse relationship between the wisdom of an Obama policy and his defensiveness concerning it? The media are abuzz over the alleged disrespect CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett showed Obama during a news conference. But Garrett wasn’t the only person on whom Obama unloaded. He lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of Congress who oppose the deal.

Obama dared his critics to present a better alternative and, as usual, implied their opposition is not based on …read more

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