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By Bob Owens

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Last night I sat down with my youngest daughter and watched Walking with Dinosaurs. It’s a 2013 movie about a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus—four-ton, four-footed herbivores up to 26 feet long—including the runt of the litter named Patchi, his father the herd leader Bulldust, and his big brother Scowler.

Throughout the movie, the herd is threatened by a number of predators, with a Gorgosaurus (think a smaller T.Rex) named Gorgon being the nemesis of Patchi’s herd.

The adults in Patchi’s Pachyrhinosaurus herd are larger individually and in numbers than the small group of predators led by Gorgon, but the large herd multi-ton beasts are by nature docile, and the smaller, naturally aggressive predators treat them like the prey they allow themselves to be.

At the end of the movie the herd is once again ambushed by Gorgon’s pack as they migrate through the predator’s territory. Scowler is about to be killed by gorgon like his father before him when Patchi suddenly and completely changes his mindset and leads his Pachyrhinosaurus herd to attack Gorgon and his pack. The Pachyrhinosaurus are not equipped with teeth and claws to fight, but they use their superior numbers to their advantage, and they …Read the Rest

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