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By Tom Knighton

Yesterday, New York City dodged a bullet. An attempted suicide bombing failed, where the bomber was the only one with any serious injuries. During the morning rush, New Yorkers were lucky. Such an attack had the potential to kill or injure dozens.

This follows Halloween’s deadly truck attack where eight people were killed when a terrorist ran over a number of people, killing eight just a smidge over a month earlier.

London’s mayor stirred up a lot of anger when he said that terrorism was “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

Right now, politicians are scrambling to figure out just what to do. How can they combat terrorism like this?

The subway attack, like the Halloween attack, are both what are referred to as “lone-wolf” attacks, meaning there’s little chatter for intelligence agencies to pick up, there’s no orders from ISIS or Al Queda, nothing. It’s a guy planning this in his living room after he gets off work for the day. Unless he slips up somewhere along the way, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to prevent an attack like this using typical law enforcement or intelligence techniques.

During a press conference yesterday, officials were reminding …Read the Rest

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