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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners love to cite polls claiming that X percentage of NRA members support Y law that the anti-gun zealots are pushing for in a given time. They claim it’s proof that the NRA is out of touch with its membership and that lawmakers should dismiss the group’s arguments out of hand. After all, their members want this new law. The polls say so.

But, when we talk to actual NRA members, we are hard pressed to find these mythical gun control supporting members. Maybe they’re located somewhere else or something, but they’re not around here.

I’ve asked my fellow members in my neck of the woods, the ones I knew but were unsure of where they stood on certain policies, and to a one, they report their opposition to many of these proposals. When I do find some that support these ideas, it’s nowhere near the percentage reported by the polls.

Having spoken with people from various parts of the country, that holds true in many other places including liberal bastions like California and New York.

So what gives?

Well, over at America’s First Freedom, they mention exactly what is up with all of that.

With headlines like “Most Gun Owners Support Stricter …Read the Rest

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