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By Bob Owens

maple dawn

In the wake of the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11, Democrats both elected and editorial have been fiercely waging a campaign to address what they consider to be the real threat: 110+ million law-abiding American gun owners, and the Constitution of the United States.

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton was to ban entire classes of common firearms, and bankrupt the gun industry entirely if at all possible by repealing a federal law that protects the industry from frivolous lawsuits.

Others, like Senator Joe Machin, want to trash the Bill of Rights entirely, stating that the Fourth Amendment right to due process “is killing us,” as he and his fellow Democrats argue that bureaucrats and politicians should be able to put put citizens on arbitrary lists and strip them of core constitutional rights without any credible evidence they’ve committed, much less been convicted of, a crime.

Some progressive pundits, such as Vox writer Dylan Matthews, are going even further that gutting the Constitution, and seem to be openly yearning for what also sounds like a dictator or a king.

This is not Dems’ sales pitch but I’m totally down with letting the prez unilaterally ban people (hopefully everyone!) from buying …Read the Rest

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