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By Kristin Alberts

The Bulldog PCP air-driven big-bore in .357 caliber fires a 145-grain bullet. The Bulldog is capable of launching ten shots on a single fill of its pre-charged air system. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
The journey has been a long one for the Crossman Rifle Company since its beginnings in 1923. From that initial foray into the airgun market, fast-forward to 2019 where we meet the newly-branded corporation Velocity Outdoor. While all things airgun-related still remain at the heart of the company, they have diversified, purchased, and absorbed numerous other brands. Though not many hunters and shooters are familiar with the wide array of Velocity’s products, the company is poised to change that, and here’s what you’ll need to know.
Meet Velocity Outdoor
After numerous company purchases and acquisitions by other groups, in mid-2018 Crossman formed the Velocity Outdoor Group. Their headquarters and warehouses are in Bloomfield, New York, where a team of over 300 American workers design and build their products. That’s just a short hop from their roots many decades ago in Rochester, New York.
Their diversified portfolio of companies targets the hunting and outdoor markets, though there is something to entertain an array of shooters from youngsters to backyard plinkers. The Crossman company


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