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By Dan Zimmerman

By Dr. Robert B. Young

There is much speculation about how to identify people at risk of committing violence, in order to preempt their possessing firearms. This ignores risks from violence done with, say, hands and knives, but it’s a worthy goal. However, it’s not one easily accomplished—and risks restricting the Second Amendment rights of too many people who don’t present any risk at all . . .

The stereotypical characteristics of a mass shooter is that they are almost always male and usually white (but whites and African-Americans appear in proportion to their population percentages), with many meeting criteria for a major mental illness (most significantly paranoid schizophrenia). Yet this does not imply that being a white male with a major mental illness makes one likely to commit mass murder, or even become violent at all. Nor does being on psychiatric medication — taking prescribed antipsychotic and antidepressant medicines — reduces the risk of violent ideation and acts by mentally ill patients.

I’ve treated thousands of psychiatric problems in people of all descriptions over the past 30 years and none of them has gone on a rampage. My experience is not just anecdotal. …read more

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