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By Tom Knighton

New Mexico isn’t the kind of place many folks think of as either pro-gun or anti-gun. Not really. It’s just kind of there in our minds.

Which is a shame because I’m kind of in love with the state from a vacation there years ago. However, my one-time dream of relocating there has been on hold due to the state’s move to embrace gun control.

However, some residents know what’s driving this push and they’re begging lawmakers to knock it off.

Gun control advocates are once again pushing a package of unpopular gun control bills in our state Legislature. And once again, each bill comes from the gun control wish list of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has been trying to impose his New York-style gun control scheme on New Mexico for years. Like a lot of Second Amendment supporters in our state, I am sick and tired of big money lobbyists trying to push us around. I urge our lawmakers to put an end to this Bloomberg nonsense. Nothing in any of these bills would make New Mexicans any safer. Bloomberg’s proposals are ineffective, intrusive and unnecessary.

Bloomberg’s wish list includes a so-called universal background check …Read the Rest

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