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By Ammoland

Senator Harry Reid Frustrated with GOA
Senator Harry Reid Frustrated with GOA
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -( Moving from the newsroom to the political backroom, there’s been a lot of “gun activity” on Capitol Hill in recent days.

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently announced that he will hold votes next week on barring Americans from buying guns if their names appear on a government watch list.

Gun Owners of America will issue a Call to Action this coming Tuesday, and give you pre-written text to send your Representative.

Gun Owners of America plans to fight this gun control legislation, every bit as hard as we did on the Senate side — something which garnered the ire of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), who is quite annoyed with Gun Owners of America.

But it’s not just the Gun Owners of America staff and me that are frustrating him.

He’s annoyed with you, too!

After all, all of the gun control proposals failed in the Senate last week.

One of the proposals still remains in limbo. But no gun control was added to the Commerce-Justice-State spending bill.

Not a single one.

And Reid blames you and me for this.

Reid went so far as to say that Republicans are “taking their orders” from Gun …Read the Rest

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