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By Robert Farago

Bumblebee Desert Eagle .5AE (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Longtime readers may remember our formerly regular feature “Which Gun Would You Grab?” Unfortunately, the gentleman who produced the series for us went on to better (i.e. paying) things. A recent visit to Houston’s Collectors Firearms inspired me to reinstate WGWYG, starting with not two Desert Eagles in divergent attire. Speaking of lousy movies, I reckon the gun above is reminiscent of the Transformers transformer known as Bumblebee. Whatever could we do with it? As Captain America proclaimed, until we can close that portal, our priority’s containment! Here’s Cap’s gat. . .

I know: I forgot to do the “set-up.” I didn’t give you a situation in which you had to choose one of the other of these .50AE firearms. Well, I can’t think of one. Can you? Meanwhile – and that could be a very long while – grab one! Ah . . . but which?

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