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By Jenn Jacques


I feel like we need to have a discussion about reciprocity.

For a very long time, I viewed individual states lack of reciprocity as an absolute redundancy, often using drivers licenses as an example in my argument. Think about it: If you take a driver’s education class and pass your written, road and eye tests to receive a valid Wisconsin’s drivers license, does anyone really think it necessary to repeat the process in the state of Illinois?

Redundant, right? If you can drive a car on Wisconsin roads and highways, you can do so in Illinois as well.

Of course, it’s up to you to learn the road laws in any and every state you choose to travel to, but the basic rules-of-the-road and knowledge of how to operate a motor vehicle stay with you.

Follow my logic so far?


So I’m having a discussion about this with a friend the other day and he says, “Whoa, Jenn! You’re asking for the Feds to have control over gun rights rather than the states?” Then he tisk-tisked me and said, “Bad libertarian, bad!”

I can’t publish what I said back, but needless to say, this really got me struggling to align my libertarian-leaning logical mind with the …Read the Rest

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