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By James England

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA — South Dakota is one of the few states that is extremely permissive about firearms but bans them inside the State Capitol. A bill intended to allow those with an enhanced concealed carry permit to carry a handgun onto the premises was introduced to committee.

To accentuate the need for such a measure, one of the chairmen pulled the emergency alarm. According to Committee Chair Larry Rhode, the purpose was to time the response of security. He said it took local security close to five minutes to respond to the test.

When seconds count, five minutes is a long time to wait for help.

Capitol Protective Services division of the South Dakota Highway Patrol responded with a statement confirming what they saw on their end:

via KELO News

“When the panic alarm was pressed, the Capitol Protective Services division was properly notified within 25 seconds. Soon after notification, a CPS supervisor looked at the video monitoring system for the specific room where the alarm had been pressed and quickly ascertained that a plainclothes and armed State Trooper was already in the room. With no apparent emergency taking place in the room, a uniformed officer still responded to verify.

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