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By Dean Weingarten


While growing up, I read all kinds of advice saying that Javelinas aren’t dangerous. I read, over and over, that all the old stories of them attacking humans were old wives tales. Not documented, never happened. So I was a bit surprised to come across an article with reporting an unprovoked real world attack by a herd of javelinas. It was life threatening for a woman and her dogs . . .


The victim told authorities that a herd of javelina came out of a nearby wash, crossed the road, and attacked her and her two leashed dogs unprovoked.

Arizona Game & Fish spokesperson Amy Burnett says the woman lost her footing and fell to the ground as two of the javelina began biting her. The victim’s husband and a neighbor helped to free the woman from the animals on the attack, and they brought her to safety using a two-by-four plank while the javelina continued to chase her down and attack her dogs.

The woman suffered several bites on her upper body and neck area. She had to undergo surgery, and is receiving rabies treatment as a precaution.

It should have been a defensive gun …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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