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By Ammoland

Prepared Israelis detain Palestinian attacker

By John Farnam

Prepared Israelis detain Palestinian attackers.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Off” Duty?

A man with a dual (USA/Israeli) citizenship was stabbed to death at a Jerusalem supermarket last week. A devoted husband and father, he responded to the screaming as two knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers were randomly attacking shoppers.

Such racially/religiously inspired lethal attacks are now a daily occurrence in Israel, and in many metro areas here!

In the process of confronting the youthful murderers, the man was fatally wounded. Several other innocent shoppers were also injured, but none fatally.

Another shopper, armed with a pistol, responded by shooting both teenage thugs, instantly ending their rampage. Both criminals were subsequently reported hospitalized.

The decedent was an active member of a local police/security unit. However, on the day in question, as it was reported in the media, “… he was ‘ off duty,’ and thus unarmed”

Lesson: The courageous citizen who was armed and effectively and decisively stopped the attack, and for whom the terms, “off duty” and “on duty” apparently have little meaning, doubtless prevented additional injury and probably saved several innocent lives, including his own.

The point is this:

There is no such …Read the Rest

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