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By Jim Clary

Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge with case

Dr Clary gives us a quick review of the lower price Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge.

Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge with case
Jim Clary

U.S.A.-( We would be willing to wager that the majority of shooters in the country do not have a trigger gauge and even fewer have ever used one.

The reason is simple, once you check out the “weight” of the trigger on your favorite gun, the tendency is to forget about it and call it “good“.

Over time, given wear and tear of normal use, the weight of a trigger pull can change. With that knowledge in mind, a few of us purchased spring trigger gauges.

They were OK, but their accuracy left a lot to be desired, with most of them being fortunate to be accurate to within a couple of ounces…. and over time, their accuracy degraded with the spring.

With the advent of solid state electronics and LED readouts, it was only a matter of time before reasonably priced electronic trigger gauges hit the market. The Wheeler has one such gauge.

Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge

While the Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge (like all electronic gauges) is more expensive than the spring gauges, …Read the Rest

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