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By Caleb

basement operator

In certain circles, it’s become kind of cool to pooh-pooh a type of firearms training class referred to as “operator fantasy camps.” You know the type of class I’m talking about, it’s full of accountants, plumbers, and mechanics dressed in MOLLE with plate carriers doing carbine drills that have basically zero application to civilian self-defense. Now, some of these classes are doing things that are legitimately dangerous, whether it’s through lax safety standards or running drills that are dangerous when combined with unskilled students. However, if an operator fantasy camp class isn’t doing anything unsafe, what’s the big deal?

Right now, someone is pushing their taped glasses up the bridge of their nose as he prepares to blast with me a comment about how I’ve been one of the people making fun of these fantasy camps. Yeah, he’d be right. I have in the past, and although I’d like to think that I’ve restricted my commentary to mocking safety violations, that’s probably not true. But what I’ve come around to realizing is that so long as the class is being safe, there’s literally no difference between taking a 1,000 round tactical carbine class or spending all your time learning to load …Read the Rest

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