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By Greg Camp

elmer fudd
What’s A Gun Owning Liberal To Do? Political Choices?

Fayetteville, AR – -( Over the past couple of weeks, I have encountered a good measure of doubt that I can simultaneously be a “government-loving communist” and a supporter of gun rights.

I am not a communist, and I have many complaints with our government—PATRIOT Act, corporate sponsorship of politicians, gun control, among others—but readers see through the lenses that they choose for their vision, and “communism” these days all too often means whatever someone vaguely dislikes. There is a good question to be addressed, though.

How I can square being a gun owner and gun rights advocate while supporting the political partys that I most often find myself in agreement?

Before I get to that, however, I must respond to a particular accusation that I’m No True Scotsman. Or in the parlance of the gun community, a Fudd, the kind of gun owner who has firearms for hunting or sport, but sees no reason why ordinary people should have semiautomatic rifles that can hold more rounds than can be counted without taking off his shoes. I’m not a hunter—not because I oppose hunting but because I …Read the Rest

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