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By Bob Owens

Authorities are on the lookout for someone who has been firing at vehicular traffic in a string of shootings in and near Phoenix, Arizona, over the past two weeks.

A bullet pierced the side of a tractor-trailer on a Phoenix freeway Thursday, and police said they were treating it as the 11th attack in a string of shootings over the past two weeks that have terrorized drivers.

The governor pleaded for the public’s help earlier Thursday, and authorities said they could be dealing with more than one gunman.

The bullet hole in the semi was reported Thursday morning, and police were checking out at least one other report that could be related, a projectile that damaged the window of a car.

In less than two weeks, 10 other shootings have been reported on or near Interstate 10. Seven have been bullet strikes, and the others were unspecified projectiles, which could mean BBs or pellets.

Police say drivers have been lucky so far: The only injury was a 13-year-old girl who was cut by flying glass when the window of her car was shattered by a bullet.

ABC is now putting the count at 12 struck vehicles. The media is of course …read more

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