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By Tom Knighton

For some time, the left has been predicting a “blue wave” come November. While some experts are trying to walk back those predictions now, it doesn’t change the fact that many street-level “activists” have it in their head that their side is going to win, impeach President Trump, and bring about a new age of peace, love, and totalitarianism.

But what happens if that doesn’t happen?

Well, history has shown us that this particular brand of progressive isn’t known for meekly accepting the result of elections. There have been more riots in the last two years in this country than in the previous 20, or at least it seems that way, and most of them have stemmed from people being upset that Donald Trump not only had the audacity to exist but also become president.

The nerve.

We have little evidence to indicate that there won’t be more of the same if the midterms shake out to be a disappointment for the far-left. In fact, there’s some talk on the internet that it will happen.

For what it’s worth, Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training has some tips for what to do if you find yourself caught in a riot.

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