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By Tom Knighton

The shooting in Cincinnati yesterday was yet another in a string of mass shootings that first started almost a year ago. Through it all, though, there’s been one unifying thread. The media has continued to advance the idea that these are the result of lax gun laws rather than anything else, despite learning that studies claiming the United States has an inordinate amount of mass shootings were flawed in the extreme.

Unfortunately, they’re still happening and even if we aren’t the world leader in them, that’s no reason to not want to combat them.

What happened in Cincinnati was a tragedy, but it’s surprising it’s not getting a good bit more attention. For example, my own social media feed almost completely lacked mention of the attack. Why?

Well, the killer was a Hispanic male, which goes against the narrative.

At least three men were killed and two other people were injured when a gunman opened fire at the Fifth Third Center in the city’s popular Fountain Square just as the workday began on Thursday. When four police officers arrived, they shot the suspect through glass windows and killed him, Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said.

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