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By Tom Knighton

This past weekend, Chicago partially shut down the expressway. The reason, a “gun violence protest” march that included thousands of people, a lot of signs, and little else.

Thousands of protesters against Chicago’s pervasive gun violence on Saturday partially shut down a major expressway in the third-largest US city, which leads the country in murders.

The demonstrators, led by a local pastor known for decades of anti-violence advocacy in Chicago’s hard-scrabble South Side, completely closed off one side of the Dan Ryan Expressway for about an hour.

The major artery bisects the city’s southern urban core which is home to a predominantly African American population and several communities where gun violence, fueled mostly by drugs and turf wars among small gangs, is a part of everyday life.

“Today, we got [politicians’] attention,” Father Michael Pfleger told WLS-TV.

“The people won today, because the people showed up…saying we’re tired of the damned violence in Chicago,” he said.

The mid-western city had 254 murders and 1,114 shootings to July 1 this year, according to police. While murders are down 23% compared to the same period last year, Chicago still has the most of any other city in the country.

And I’m sure those perpetrating that violence …Read the Rest

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