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By G. Halek

This topic came up from a Concealed Nation reader who asked us via our Facebook page what he should do if he gets flagged by another gun owner while at the range.

For those unfamiliar, the term ‘flagged’ refers to when a gun owner inadvertently points his pistol in an unsafe direction — sometimes at another person.

One of the key fundamentals in firearm safety is to always point your firearm in a safe direction. This is also known as “don’t point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot“.

As another gun owner at the range most certainly doesn’t qualify as someone you would want to shoot, flagging another person at the range is very unsafe.

How To Address A Firearm Safety Issue At The Range

If you see another gun owner doing something unsafe, such as inadvertently pointing his gun in an unsafe direction, you can either choose to address it yourself OR report the issue to a range safety officer who will then address it.

At almost any indoor or outdoor supervised range, there is a range safety officer present. He may be paying attention to activity two lanes down from you, but he’s there.

If you don’t have a range safety …Read the Rest

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