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By G. Halek

So you’re wandering around the street on a beautiful day and look down to see a pistol just laying there on the open ground. Sure, you know how to safely handle a handgun. You know to check a firearm to see if it’s loaded. But what do you do now?

Taking custody of a firearm when you do not know its origin is a potentially risky venture.

In all likelihood, there’s a good possibility someone just dropped his or her gun. Sometimes that’s because they use the wrong type of holster.

For whatever reason, if you find a firearm unattended, there’s a judgement call you need to make between taking custody of it and reporting it to police or simply reporting it to police and allowing them to collect it.

The latter option is ideal in any case where there’s little chance of someone else wandering by and picking it up.

A missing gun is important to keep track of because that’s a gun that — if left unattended — could wind up in the wrong hands.

So, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll go over the ‘ideal’ course of action and then we’ll talk about individual judgement calls that someone may have to make if he runs …Read the Rest

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