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By Greg Camp

Mass Public Shooting Rate
Mass Public Shooting Rate

U.S.A.-( Deranged Americans with guns are killing people in groups. I realize that many readers of all stances on the subject of guns will regard this as a shocking admission in a gun magazine, but the facts matter.

Note that I have not yet made any claim about the rate of mass shootings or about what we ought to do to prevent them. What I’m doing here is negating the claim of gun control advocates that those of us who care about gun rights ignore homicides committed against crowds.

Is the number of mass shootings on the increase? This is a difficult question since we can’t get everyone to agree on what the term means. But if we adopt the definition that is generally accepted among researchers such as criminologist, Grant Duwe, and is what most people tacitly assume, “any incident in which four or more victims are killed with a firearm within a 24-hour period at a public location in the absence of other criminal activity (robberies, drug deals, gang “turf wars”), military conflict or collective violence,” the frequency has not risen. And the expiration of the federal “assault weapons” ban in 2004 did not …Read the Rest

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