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By James England

When you use your gun to defend yourself, it’s called a “defensive gun use”. There are no two defensive gun use scenarios that are precisely identical in every way. Each one is going to have its own degree of nuance and considerations. In this article, we’re going to talk about some best practices relating to handling the aftermath of a defensive gun use.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Gun To Defend Yourself

State laws change depending upon where you are. The authorized conditions whereby a court will deem your actions to be justifiable are covered under specific laws. Your primary concern should always be your life.

Reasons why people have used a gun to protect themselves:

  • If you believe your life is in direct, imminent danger
  • If you are being physically assaulted by one or more assailants
  • If you witness someone committing a violent act against another person
  • If your home or family is in danger

There are probably quite a few other reasons but these are just some of the most prominent in the stories we’ve covered. The crux of nearly all of them is you have a very firm belief that your physical life or the life of another is in direct jeopardy.

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