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By John Farnam

Captain Leonard T Schroeder Jr France WWII


Captain Leonard T Schroeder Jr France WWII

Ft Collins, CO –-( “You can’t ‘manage’ men into battle. You have to lead them!” ~ Rear Admiral Grace M Hopper,

The eldest son of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr’s cousin was Franklin D Roosevelt, who became president, and was Commander-in-Chief when Theodore Jr, then a brigadier general, was the only flag-grade officer to land at Normandy during D-Day as part of the First Wave, and at age fifty-six, the oldest person to participate in the Invasion. He was the second American to step off the boat and into the water at Utah Beach (Captain Leonard T Schroeder Jr was the first).

Theodore Jr’s younger brother, Quentin, at the rank of 2nd Lt, was a pilot during WWI and was killed in action during that War. During that same War, Theodore Jr had been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross

Theodore Jr’s son, also named Quentin (the 2nd), and also an officer (captain), also landed at Normandy on the same day as his father, also in the First Wave! Theodore Jr and Quentin II were the only father/son team to land at Normandy.

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