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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Illegal border crossings are down over 70%

by Don McDougall,

Illegal border crossings are down over 70%
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

U.S.A.-( There are some who would rather see the nation burn than for Trump to succeed. DJT is doing what his base wanted. He is doing what is right for the country. The results are below, and to be blunt, they’ll get little to no coverage anywhere except here at Ammoland.

1.Gas Prices are down. Consider this; the US burns 200 million gallons of gas a day. With prices down $1.25 over Obama, that’s $250 million a day in savings to average Americans’. Multiply that over 365 days, and Trump’s policies are putting money back in the average Americans pockets. Add in the savings for Natural Gas, and coal exports and the US benefits big from DJT’s policies.

2.Under Jeff Session arrests for gun violations are up 23%. After eight years of declining arrest under Obama, this number should continue to rise. Since 86% of all gun deaths are drug and gang related we’ll see an overall reduction in crime. GO JEFF!

Most all gun violence rests in big urban cities. Make them safe again, and you start the process of urban renewal.

Black unemployment is …Read the Rest

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