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By Tom Knighton

One of the most important bits of advice you can give someone about carrying a firearm may well be for them to get a good holster. The problem is, how do you identify a good holster from a bad one?

You can go with names, of course. Some brands make great holsters almost universally while others make crap holsters and will probably never make anything other than crap holsters. The problem with that is that new brands come out, often at discounted prices, and unless you know what you’re looking for, you don’t have a clue whether it’s worth the money or not.

Luckily, over at Shooting Illustrated, Tamara Keel took the time to quantify what makes a good holster actually good.

In my book, a holster has to do several discreet things to be considered “good.” Some are mandatory, all are desirable and the more of these tasks the holster does well, the better it is.

Starting with the most important, a concealed-carry holster needs to safely hold a handgun in such a way that it cannot be inadvertently fired when in the holster. An object that won’t do this is not a holster as far as I’m concerned. It …Read the Rest

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