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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Andrew Cuomo
What It’s Like to Live in a State Hostile to Gun Owners

USA -( With the election of President Donald Trump, many gun owners breathed a sigh of relief, that we dodged a bullet so to speak of having someone in charge of the executive branch that was in favor of new and stricter gun laws.

We blocked someone who could have changed the balance of power within the US Supreme Court for the next several decades. After that narrow 5-4 Heller decision, where we were a single vote away from possibly losing the 2nd Amendment forever. But what of those who live in states where no matter who runs Washington, that our rights are under fire from a constant barrage of legislation that continues to strip down what the Founding Fathers gave us?

I have lived in the state of New York my whole life, and for those who have never been here or seen it, New York City is only a small part, but the politics there influence the whole state. This state has not always been the rotten cesspool you see it as now, and it was at the heart of many of the most pivotal battles of the …Read the Rest

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