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By Tom Knighton

With the state of the country as it is, I recently had a couple of friends approach me for my take on where to start in the world of firearms. As they put it, they didn’t want to be stocking years of canned good and toilet paper, but they do want to be ready for the far more day-to-day situations they might find themselves in.

They were putting aside some food and water for disasters and whatnot, but they were lost when it came to guns. They found websites that were supposed to help, but they trusted me for some silly reason.

As I wanted to be a good friend, I told them sure, I’d help, but then I stopped short.

I remembered when someone told me where to start, what type of gun I should first pick up, and I began wondering if that was really the right advice.

“Get a 12-guage,” I was told. “You can use it for hunting and self-defense. It’s the perfect gun.”

Of course, I didn’t do that, but I considered it sound advice.

But I don’t anymore. Not for most people, anyway. Instead, I stay get a handgun in a caliber such as 9mm, .40, or .45 ACP for …Read the Rest

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