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By Dan Zimmerman

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Reader CTSheepdog writes:

As you all know, the post-Sandy Hook era has not been a happy one for Constitution State gun owners. Irrespective of the federal and Connecticut state Constitution’s protection of gun ownership rights, the Hartford Legislature passed one of the most invasive gun laws in 2013 in the form of PA13-3. A primary proponent of that gun law was Connecticut Against Gun Violence known locally as CAGV. In the days prior to Sandy Hook, CAGV was likely on its last legs, running out of money and support (it failed to get a stand-alone magazine capacity law passed the prior year). But Adam Lanza’s rampage changed the landscape, as such tragedies do, and allowed CAGV to rise, form new alliances and fill the vacuum caused by Lanza’s depravity. But now, those in Connecticut are wondering if CAGV’s ability to use that tragedy has reached its expiration date . . .

Exhibit 1 would be the failure earlier this year of SB-650, An Act Concerning Temporary Restraining Orders (and the similar HB6848). This CAGV-supported domestic violence bill that would have impeded the rights of gun owners who were simply accused of domestic discord. While that bill was proposed by Governor Malloy, had …read more

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