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By Chris Eger

Yeah, yeah, it sounds like clickbait, but it’s not– we took a serious look at each recent American cultural generation and matched it to the best-known or most ground-breaking new handgun from that era.
The Lost Generation (born 1883 to 1901)
Those who were born in this era became adults during the Great War and the Roaring Twenties, moving from the last days of the Old West into the brave new world that was the 20th Century. Perhaps one of the most important handguns born inside that generation was John Browning’s No. 1 pistol, which reached production as the FN Mle. 1900.
The FN M1900
Designed in the late 1890s, the .32 ACP-chambered blowback pistol was, unlike many early semi-autos, reliable. Further, it was compact, being just 6.8-inches long overall and 4-inches high, arguably capable of being carried in a pocket. President Theodore Roosevelt even owned an M1900, which he reportedly kept either on him or by his bedside.
Over 700,000 FN 1900s were made in Belgium while untold thousands of unlicensed copies across the quality spectrum were produced around the globe. Many of the operational aspects of the pistol were recycled by Browning into other designs of his that are still in production today.


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