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Part Four

What Does The Proposed New York Anti-Second Amendment Mental Health Bill Say? iStock-1050228748

New York – -( The merger of the New York Senate and Assembly bills (S7065) (A01589) , if enacted, would amend several sections of the Consolidated Laws of New York.

Preeminent among the amendments is proposed Section 898 of the General Business Law of New York.

A new proposed subsection of the General Business Law, subsection “1-A” of Section 898 reads:

“Before any sale, exchange, or disposal pursuant to this article, a purchaser of any firearm, rifle, or shotgun shall submit to a mental health evaluation and provide the seller with proof of his or her approval to purchase such firearm, rifle or shotgun pursuant to subdivision (M) of Section 7.09 of the Mental Hygiene Law.”

Proposed Section “2-A” would apply the same standard to anyone who wishes to sell, exchange, or dispose of a firearm, rifle, or shotgun.

Proposed Section 7.09 (M) of New York’s Mental Hygiene Law sets forth the framework for a mental health evaluation:

“The Commissioner shall establish within the Office of Mental Health and administrative process for the mental health evaluation of any individual prior to …Read the Rest

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