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By Rob Morse


By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( You already know that we have the human right to defend ourselves. Let’s say you have met the all the legal requirements to carry a firearm in public. You’ve finally joined the ranks of 13 million other US citizens who carry. What comes next? What is morally required of you to be a responsible gun owner now that you have your permit? Since concealed carry is a right, I’m not advocating stricter legal requirements. I’m asking you to think about the practical responsibility we assume as we carry a gun.

What comes next after you have the government permission slip?

Many states require a simple course in basic firearms safety to receive your license. That means you were told how to safely handle a gun.. at least once. I hope you remember those rules. I want you practice them because firearms handling is a perishable skill rather than an abstract idea. Being safe with a firearm is a matter of developing and maintaining safe habits.

There are additional skills you should develop that go beyond safe handling of a firearm. That doesn’t mean …Read the Rest

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