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By Ammoland

Andrew Branca Law Of Self Defense Show
Andrew Branca Law Of Self Defense Show

USA – -( Good morning, MONDAY! This is just a quick personal note to share the Law of Self Defense agenda for this week

First, a little anecdote from this weekend—I was doing some research for the upcoming release of our Indiana-specific Supplement DVD, launching this week, and came across a recent Indiana Supreme Court decision—a SUPREME COURT decision—in which the court repeatedly apply the phrase “Castle Doctrine” INCORRECTLY to describe two completely different legal doctrines.

The fact that even a state Supreme Court makes this kind of confusion-inducing mistake goes a long way to explaining why so much of the general public perceives self-defense law as being some amorphous, ambiguous blog of legalese, and why so many people throw up their hands and fall back on the “better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6” nonsense.

It doesn’t have to be that way, folks. Self-defense law is NOT rocket science. For Pete’s sake, there are only 5 elements of a self-defense claim. It’s just a shame that so much self-defense law is taught in such a confusing way.

In any case, I plan to make that case the Case of the Week on …Read the Rest

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