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By Brandon Curtis

By Jon Wayne Taylor via The Truth About Guns

Dr. Leana Wen, physician and Health Commissioner of Baltimore City, recently wrote an article for the New York Times. What Bullets Do to Bodies explained her experience with the unimaginable horrors of bullet wounds from super scary assault rifles. First things first . . .

Whatever hospital Dr. Wen is referring to is in Baltimore. Note that location and make sure that you never end up there. The emergency room in question took a full two minutes to discover a “grapefruit” sized exit wound on a patient with a known gunshot wound. Right there in the opening of this article I’d already lost any respect for the author’s judgment.

The first bit of true Ph.D. level wisdom we get from Dr. Wen is this little gem: “Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not the bullet that kills you, but the path the bullet takes.”

Thank Jesus. And here the rest of us were assuming that bullets sitting on store shelves around the world were silently murdering us. Apparently Dr. Wen needed six years of medical school to teach her that …Read the Rest

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