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By Ammoland

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By Scott Polk

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AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA – -( This week there is a story of an Idaho gun owner having a negligent discharge.

After the Idaho legislature decided this summer to allow teachers to carry in schools, in an effort to prevent school shootings, a professor in just the first week of school shot himself in the foot when a firearm went off in his pocket.

Now I can already imagine your reactions to this article.

There has to be a reason that this happened, guns don’t just go off on their own.

Most likely the teacher in question was fiddling with his weapon, didn’t have it in the correct type of holster or had other things in his pocket that caught on the trigger.

All of these potential issues could have been avoided and all should have, so why weren’t they and what can we as responsible gun owners do to help prevent future such accidents from happening?

When accidents happen with firearms we give the anti-gun movement more ammunition for their narrative. They hold all gun owners up as being no better than the most irresponsible of us, and stories like the …read more

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