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By Kyle Lynch

Police Night Vision

Police Night Vision

Though the U.S. military has been using night vision for decades, American law enforcement has only begun to break the surface of such gear for operations. One of the more recent, notable uses of cutting-edge technology used by LEOs was in 2013 when Massachusetts State Police used a FLIR camera from a helicopter to find one of Boston bombers hiding inside a covered boat. Very cool, but that story is somewhat of an outlier.

Clip On Night Vision


Why You Should Consider Adding a Clip On Night Vision Device

That said, many competent officers and leaders across the country simply don’t have the depth of knowledge to implement a comprehensive plan for using and training with lasers, suppressors and night vision with their current firearms. Couple that lack of knowledge with the continual budget challenges every department experiences and stealth integration gets pushed farther to the bottom of the list.

I sat down with longtime friend Lt. Mark Byrum of the Madison County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s …Read the Rest

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