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By Newt Gingrich

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What Americans Are Telling Us

USA – -( I have lately been engaged in an important research project with the Job Creators Network and The Winston Group.

We believe the social media and Washington-news media blizzard of arguments, attacks, and harsh words don’t reflect the views or the hopes of the majority of Americans.

To test that idea out we met with focus groups across five states in different parts of the country to ask people how they defined a successful America. Our goal was to collect concrete examples of activities and initiatives that most of the American people believe are successful – and to hear about other specific examples of things Americans want done.

We heard some of that, but we learned something far more interesting and alarming.

Overwhelmingly, Americans wanted to talk about the tone of our national conversation – and the growing division in the country. This was true across every demographic and group we questioned: African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, middle income voters, suburban women, young voters, conservative Republicans, college educated voters, independents, you name it.

When we asked, “what is your view of the state of the country,” every group in all five states had nearly the same answer – that we …Read the Rest

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