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By Gregory Smith

Like the Deacons for Defense of the 1960s, some blacks are realizing that gun control and marches doesn’t protect their communities. Good for them!

“We are too loving,” says Brown. “If the President got on TV and said the U.S. approach for ISIS is from a nonviolent perspective, people would think he lost his mind.” – See more at:
With #WeWillShootBack going viral, Brown says he is a responsible gun owner who believes “it’s not about the shooting part.” Educating people that they have both the American and human right to defend themselves is the conversation he wants to have. “I believe in the right to self-preservation. Armed patrols. That’s one way. But if you’re walking down the street and a random white person is terrorizing you with a gun, there’s training to go against that. We need to be armed, willing to defend ourselves. There’s an attempt to prey on Black people who are not able to respond with force, but forgiveness.” – See more at:

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Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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