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By Jim Clary

Western Powders Choices

The Clarys review the Western Powder Loads For The .357 Henry Big Boy Rifle.

Western Powders Choices

USA – -( The Henry Big Boy rifles have been around for many years, chambered in .357 Mag./.38 Special, .44 Mag./.44 Special and .45 Colt. It is available in both brass frame and steel frame versions and has become popular with cowboy action shooters, as well as hunters. When we had the opportunity to test the new Color Case Hardened Big Boy in .357 Magnum caliber, we jumped at the chance. Our in-depth review of the latest Big Boy, the Color Case Hardened version, can be read here:

Henry Big Boy Rifles

There is one problem with modern-day .357 magnum loads: Many of the ammunition manufacturers have watered down their .357 Magnum factory loads. You read that right. They have reduced the powder to make the round more acceptable in small frame revolvers. Because of these reduced power loads, many commercial .357 Magnum offerings are not suitable for feral hog or whitetail hunting. You must carefully choose your ammunition for your intended purpose. As such, if you are serious about hunting with a .357 caliber, it is better to reload your …Read the Rest

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