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By Jenn Jacques


As the flood waters continue to rise in West Virginia and even more rain threatens the state later today, one sheriff is looking to head off criminal activity that also seems to rise to the top of the water following natural disasters: looting.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office posted a press release on their Facebook page Sunday which included a personal message from Sheriff Kessler warning what could happen if residents catch looters before deputies do:

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of looting and theft in the Nallen/Russellville area. Sheriff Steve Kessler released the following statement concerning this situation:
The Nallen/Russellville area suffered extensive damage during the recent floods. Many citizens of this area have lost everything. We are now receiving reports of looters and thieves coming into the area. This WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
Sheriff’s Deputies will be initiating extra patrols in this area and the citizens have also implemented armed patrols to protect what is left of their homes and possessions.
“Anyone we catch looting will be arrested and jailed,” said Sheriff Kessler. “If the residents of this area catch you first, you may not make it to jail. If you are …Read the Rest

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