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West Virginia: School Calendar Bill Could Affect Youth Hunting Opportunities

Fairfax, VA – -( Most West Virginia public school systems close for the opening week of deer hunting season for the benefit of students, staff, and their families to enjoy their hunting heritage.

House Bill 2433 will impose a one-size-fits-all calendar on all public school systems in West Virginia. Currently, each school system may set its own calendar, as long as they meet the 180-day requirement.

Such a change may result in school systems eliminating the week off for the opening of deer season in order to still meet this requirement.

Many hunters are prevented from introducing their children or friends to hunting because it is difficult to find time and opportunities outside of the work or school week. Countless hunters stop hunting because of this reality in their hectic lives. Current school calendars give West Virginian youth a unique opportunity to experience these hunting traditions and spend time with their families.

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