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By Patriot Outdoor News

The effort to legalize cross bows in West Virginia wasn’t a new concept.

A high number of hunters in West Virginia are expected to try something new this fall. The opening day of fall archery hunting season in West Virginia will mark the first time all hunters will be cleared to legally hunt in the state with a crossbow. Legislation approved by the House and Senate during this year’s legislative session laid the ground work and the Natural Resources Commission chose to fold crossbows into the regular archery season.

“That was actually a little surprising to us,” said John Holstein, Executive Director of the newly created West Virginia Crossbow Hunters’ Association.”The origin of the bill had called for a specific crossbow season.”

The only change will be the crossbows will not be allowed for hunting in the archery only counties of Wyoming, Mingo, McDowell, and Logan Counties unless the hunter has a Class Q handicapped hunting permit.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable,”Holstein said. “It’s understandable folks have reservations about that and I don’t see us as an organization going against that in the future.”

The association as a group has gained momentum as the first season approaches. He expected a lot more membership …read more

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